Anytime, Anywhere

hommage à un projet de feuilleton BD qu'il est bien, derechef le lien hypertexte (soyons fous)
tribute to a daily comic project. (in french)
more here http://www.lesautresgens.com/


STPo said...

Super chouette, bravo.

Tentacle Eye said...

L'ambiance de dingue que tu viens de me planter dans la tronche ! Ca décoiffe.

Brun Croes said...

I've been a big fan of your work for a long time,

You have a great style and have been a big inspiration for my work.

ps: these last updates have been superb !!!

Jens said...


Calamity said...


Luc ADR | moket said...

Merci STPo!
Ah Tentacle !
Brun Croes. Wow, let's say it's mutual, I really like your blog, the town paintings are great !
Et bien merci Jens, same here inspiring work mister.
Calamity t'as vu.

Sparth said...

ohlala mortel monsieur luc. je l'adore celui la. O___O

Anonymous said...

Very similar.