Forget-Me-Not, I'm in love

While this game looks a lot like Pacman at first sight, the dev mixed in some great game mechanics.
The goal is to gather the dots in order to open the exit door. You will need the key (which acts as a shield) to go through the exit.
You can shoot at the monsters and yourself thanks to the warp doors. The enemies fight against each other as well.
Grinding on the walls is also an option to gain speed and be able to destroy enemies on contact.
Oh and the maps are randomly generated. Infinite fun.
A two player coop with friendly fire enabled is also avalaible.

I've been enjoying this game on an IpodTouch, but the controls feels much better here with a keyboard plus it's free.
Download Forget-Me-Not on Nyarlu Labs. Windows/OsX. - it seems there's some issues on Osx1.4 but the author is working on it -


mëgaboy said...

holā, tu m'as l'air bien au courant niveaux jeux indēpendant, et j'ai vu que tu avais un projet de jeu pendant un moment.

tu t'y connais en programmation ? ou pas du tout ?

j'ai aussi des projet de petits jeu, alors je m'intēresse un peu.

voilā voilā.

mëgaboy !

Luc ADR said...

Hello, en fait j'ai découvert par Ludum Dare ce milieu super dynamique.
C'est grisant. Du coup je potasse un peu l'AS3, y'a beaucoup de ressources à consulter! Je suis loin d’être un codeur accompli mais les maths appliquées c'est fun.